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Safety and Security

In an increasingly dangerous world we seek to protect our most valuable assets and possessions, family, home, employees and equipment, safe from the effects of flying glass. Safety and security films prevent glass from fragmenting when subjected to a large force such as a flying object or an explosion.

Solaire safety and security films are similar to solar glare films but are thicker and use stronger adhesives. They are coated with thicker and stronger pressure-sensitive adhesive to provide superior elasticity to retain glass shards. Depending on the perceived risk films vary from 100 microns to 350 microns thick and they retain their ability to remove 98% of harmful UV rays which are major contributors to fading of textile and packaging. All our films are tested to BS 6206 and the new CEN12600 standard.

Whilst glazing enhances the look of a property, 4 out of 10 burglaries occur through windows and flying glass causes 90% of injuries resulting from an explosion. Whilst acts of terrorism are thankfully rare there are 10,000 non-terrorist explosions a year in the UK. Finally, accidents involving glass account for 36% of severe injuries to children below the age of 14.

Whilst in older buildings one can replace every pane of glass, it is easier and cheaper to use safety film. This also minimises disruption and gives a durable scratch resistant finish and in suitable locations solar control film can be used to remove excessive solar heat gain and annoying glare.

In the safety environment it is a legal requirement that glazing in non-domestic properties should be of safety material to at least waist height in all windows and shoulder height in or adjacent to doors.

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Window Film Safety
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